Valuations for Jewellery Insurance

Before insuring an item of jewellery, it is essential to have the piece of jewellery valued by an accredited valuer. Most insurance companies insist on a professional valuation and a written valuation certificate for any item of jewellery worth more than $1000.

If you are a jeweller, it is likely your customer will request a valuation certificate so they can adequately insure the jewellery you have designed for them. As the valuation certificate provides a detailed description of the item and a photograph, it is particularly useful in the case of theft or if the item is lost.

Not only is the valuation essential for insurance, but it can also be very useful in helping to remake or replace the jewellery. Providing your client with a valuation certificate also gives your client peace of mind and security. The valuation authenticates your work and contributes to your overall customer satisfaction.